Hybrid Vehicle & Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturer

HEV / EV / PHEV Batteries

  After years of theoretical promise, hybrid and other electric vehicles have at last become a major market force. This phenomenon has been driven by such diverse factors as increased fuel costs, concerns about climate change, national security and important developments in battery technology. Quallion’s innovative Matrix Module battery solutions are adaptable for any vehicle system with significant energy storage needs.  
Hybrid Vehicles 
Batteries and a smaller-than-normal combustion engine work together to power an electric motor that propels the vehicle. This arrangement significantly reduces a vehicle’s energy consumption and carbon emissions. Quallion’s W Module is ideally suited for this application. 
Electric Vehicles
These zero-emission cars and trucks produce no exhaust fumes. They are entirely powered by electric motors that depend upon rechargeable batteries to operate.  Quallion’s F Module is ideally suited for this application. 
Plug-In Electric Vehicles
Hybrids equipped with additional battery capacity and the capability to be charged from a conventional electrical outlet allowing for expanded driving range (up to 100 mpg).   Quallion’s Y Module is ideally suited for this application. 
  Just as recent growth in this market would not have been possible without developments in battery technology, future innovations will hinge upon cutting-edge power solutions. These vehicles have the potential to dramatically reduce (or even potentially eliminate) gas consumption and carbon emissions, but only if batteries can maintain performance over countless miles and charge-discharge cycles without adding unwanted weight or cost. And as battery systems get lighter, smaller, more powerful, and more cost-effective, electric cars will be able to extend their range, performance, and customer appeal.

For these and other reasons, Quallion’s proprietary lithium ion technology can enable the next generation of “green” vehicles. No other existing battery chemistry can match the energy density of Li-ion cells, a distinction that translates into vehicles with greater range, acceleration, and mileage. And no other company can match Quallion’s experience and history of innovation with this technology. This depth of expertise is critical if you need a battery system that will reliably and safely retain capacity for the life of a vehicle.  We take a hands-on approach with our customers, offering a cradle-to-grave relationship that can extend from customizable cell design to full-scale manufacturing. Customers can also leverage Quallion’s proprietary Matrix Module system, an innovative, fully scaleable modular approach that simultaneously links commercial-grade cells in parallel and series. This innovation greatly reduces cost, increases flexibility, and improves reliability. Further more, Quallion’s matrix system enables mixing power cells to meet the various application demands of a vehicle system.