Industrial Battery Manufacturer

Building and Industrial Plants

Lithium batteries are finding increasing acceptance and use for specialized applications in buildings and industrial plants. This is largely driven by the push toward more compact, more powerful, more reliable energy solutions. One fast-growing market is for advanced lithium batteries is automatic meter reader (AMR) devices. These systems are revolutionizing utility operations by allowing real-time, remote monitoring of electricity, gas, water, and numerous other resources. In addition, the unrivaled performance of lithium batteries is enabling the development of niche products for hospitals, utilities, and other industrial customers—including specialized alarms that demand an ultra-dependable energy source for life-and-death applications, as well as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and energy storage systems that are far smaller, lighter, more remote, or more durable than the norm.

Quallion offers its customers a unique opportunity to benefit from the advantages of its lithium ion battery chemistry.  No other company can match Quallion’s experience and history of innovation with this technology. This depth of expertise is critical if you need a partner in the development of a power solution for your cutting-edge products.  We take a hands-on approach with our customers, offering a cradle-to-grave relationship that can extend from customizable cell design to full-scale manufacturing. Customers can also leverage Quallion’s proprietary Matrix™ system, an innovative, fully scaleable approach that simultaneously links commercial-grade cells in parallel and series. This innovation greatly reduces cost, increases flexibility, and improves reliability. And thanks to Quallion’s proprietary SaFE-LYTE™ technology, which incorporates a flame retardant liquid into our batteries, our batteries can withstand piercing and compression that might otherwise cause combustion in Li-ion cells.