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Professional Electronics

For manufacturers developing advanced electronics products, Quallion’s lithium ion batteries can deliver extraordinarily powerful solutions. This is especially true for niche applications that require superior reliability, custom battery pack design, or small form factors that fully leverage the outstanding performance of Li-ion chemistry. With unrivaled energy density, cycle life, and wide operating temperature range, lithium ion batteries can enable the development of innovative products such as ultra-dependable portable defibrillators and other diagnostic equipment, power-hungry handheld terminals, ultralight photo and video systems, and smart parking meters.

Quallion offers its customers a unique opportunity to benefit from the advantages of its lithium ion battery chemistry.  No other company can match Quallion’s experience and history of innovation with this technology. This depth of expertise is critical if you need a partner in the development of a power solution for your cutting-edge products.  We take a hands-on approach with our customers, offering a cradle-to-grave relationship that can extend from customizable cell design to full-scale manufacturing. Customers can also leverage Quallion’s proprietary Matrix™ system, an innovative, fully scaleable approach that simultaneously links commercial-grade cells in parallel and series. This innovation greatly reduces cost, increases flexibility, and improves reliability. And thanks to Quallion’s proprietary SaFE-LYTE™ technology, which incorporates a flame retardant liquid into our batteries, our batteries can withstand piercing and compression that might otherwise cause combustion in Li-ion cells