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Road Transportation Batteries

Lithium ion batteries are powering an exciting range of innovative transportation applications. In many cases, these systems must perform reliably despite wide temperature swings and potential exposure to vibration, shock, humidity, UV radiation, and other conditions. Small, lightweight Li-ion batteries are being used in security-related technologies such as keyless entry systems, alarms, and remote-controlled immobilizers that can disable a stolen vehicle. Li-ion chemistry also deliver the capacity, high voltage, and unrivalled reliability necessary to power cutting-edge communications applications in telematics and asset tracking. These batteries can power such exciting applications as automatic crash notification, temperature monitoring of trailer-tractor containers, emergency communications, tele-maintenance, and automated roadside assistance.

Quallion’s lithium ion technology is perfectly suited for these and other road-transportation applications. Quallion has industry-leading experience and history of innovation with lithium ion battery chemistry. This depth of expertise is critical if you’re looking for a high-voltage, ultra-reliable power source that is small, lightweight, and able to perform in the widest possible temperature range.  Quallion offers a broad range of customer-focused battery solutions that deliver industry-leading quality, charge retention, and energy density.