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Aircraft Batteries

  Aircraft would not go aloft without numerous batteries that perform a variety of critical functions. In both civil and military aircraft, batteries provide energy to emergency, ventilation, hydraulic, and back-up power systems. Specific applications range from batteries that can support essential avionics equipment for 30-60 minutes in the event of a crisis, to emergency distress beacons and lighting systems.

Quallion offers its aviation customers an attractive opportunity to benefit from the advantages of its lithium ion battery technology. Our batteries not only deliver the sustained performance, long life, reliable power, and light weight that most aviation applications require but also provide battery status data through data communication terminals or manual push-button type indicators. For customers with very specific needs, Quallion can offer a cradle-to-grave approach that includes systems and chemistry design, cell balancing, charge control, and battery manufacturing. Unique enhancements include Quallion’s patented SaFE-LYTE™ technology that offers a thermal runaway inhibitor into the cell chemistry without impacting cycle and calendar life.  This option also enables customers to leverage Quallion’s patented Zero-Volt™ technology, which allows long storage periods in a deep discharged state with no permanent capacity loss.

As an alternate approach, customers can choose Quallion’s proprietary Matrix™ system, which simultaneously links commercial-grade cells in parallel and series. This innovation greatly reduces cost, increases flexibility, and is highly scaleable. 

Quallion has a far deeper understanding of lithium ion chemistry than any other battery company. Our scientists, engineers, and other specialists enable Quallion to deliver battery solutions with unmatched quality, consistency, and reliability.