Space Battery Manufacturer

Launcher Batteries

Today’s launch vehicles contain 3 to 8 batteries, which collectively perform a long list of essential functions. These applications—and the batteries that power them—can be divided into three major categories.
The functional battery provides the power supply for the main electrical equipment.
Batteries that activate pyrotechnic devices—otherwise known as flight termination batteries. These applications require batteries that can perform within potentially severe environmental parameters and have been designed for high power or pulse power delivery.
Batteries that provide a high power supply for the control of actuators by electric motors or electrically driven pumps. These functions demand energy dense batteries that can deliver very high power.
The Quallion Solution
  Quallion’s lithium ion launch batteries are designed and qualified to transform all of these application. While existing products from other manufacturers utilize silver-zinc batteries, Quallion’s Li-ion technology offers several pivotal competitive advantages. The unique chemistry of Li-ion allows far greater energy density, which translates into smaller, lighter, more powerful battery solutions. In addition, Li-ion has a low self-discharge rate and requires no formation prior to deployment, thus eliminating the need for on-site battery engineers and costly problems conventionally associated with launch delays. Lastly, Quallion has a far deeper understanding of lithium ion chemistry than any other aerospace battery company, which is critical in addressing lithium-ion solutions for manned launch vehicles.

Quallion can deliver battery solutions for launcher applications with two distinct approaches. First, Quallion can create a launch battery with its own design and materials, which enables fully customizable solutions for any specifications and takes full advantage of our specialized materials control. This option also enables customers to leverage Quallion’s patented Zero-Volt™ technology, which allows long storage periods in a deep discharged state with no permanent capacity loss. This technology is uniquely critical in launcher applications as it allows for the integration of the battery into the vehicle while discharged to zero volts, thereby eliminating completely the risk of any catastrophic energy discharge.  As an alternate approach, customers can choose Quallion’s proprietary Matrix™ system, which simultaneously links commercial-grade cells in parallel and series. This innovation greatly reduces cost, increases flexibility, and is highly scaleable.