Battery Prototypes

Battery Prototyping

Quallion’s 2,400 square foot state-of-the art dry clean room has been in operation since 2001. Due to lithium’s reactivity with the atmosphere, much of the development, prototyping, and production activity at Quallion is conducted in this environment. The facility is scaled for low to mid-volume production capabilities. Currently the facility is operating at approximately 60%-70% capacity with production runs of up to 10,000 cells per month.

In addition to the dry clean-room, Quallion’s production facility houses the following prototyping and manufacturing equipment:

an electrolyte distillation laboratory
charge and discharge laboratories
glove-box lines for electrolyte filling and laser welding
electrolyte distillation and salt mixing equipment
planetary mixer with vacuum function
intermittent capable continuous coating machine
high-temperature press capable press machine
slitting machine
semi automated winding machine specially designed for thin film lithium winding
production Argon-Helium dry boxes with filling and laser machines
a 10 channel Arbin battery tester for up to 50Ah cells
helium leak detection fixtures and equipment
GC-MS equipment for leak detection
a 2000 channel Maccor battery tester for prototypes up to 3Ah in capacity
nail penetration apparatus and test facility
hot box
overcharge and crush test equipment.